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The Academy also runs an outreach programme. In the past, this has included Kamulanga School, Chibelo School, and Kabulonga Girls' School. We are now running an ambitious outreach programme with St Thomas' Community School. This programme is supported by Rose Charities and Malambo Grass Roots of Canada, who have also donated instruments, and the Gauden Road scholarship programme. We are also grateful to the MUZE trust, UK, for major past support. We gratefully acknowledge donations from Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust.


We are very grateful to many friends for their donations towards the construction of the teaching block. These generous friends are:


Professor Alan Haworth

Mr Carey Taylor

Zamefa Ltd

Mr Paul McGuinness

Mr Chance Kabaghe

Lafarge Ltd

Dr Jeremy Powell-Tuck

Mr Mike Pescod

Professor Suzanne Filteau

Mrs Rita Edwards


We are also immenesely grateful to the team which designed and build it:


Mr Julian Powell-Tuck (acoustic design)

Mr David Chola (architect)

Mr Douglas Lungu (builder)

Mr Garikayi Maradze (windows)

Mr Bright Sichilima (plumbing)

Mr Moonga (electrical)




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